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School of PE Provides a Free Repeat Course Repeat Offer That Can Help You Take the Stress out of Taking Your PE Civil Exam

We believe that our PE Civil exam review courses are so efficient that you will almost surely pass your PE Civil exam if you fully participate in all of your course’s engineering theory refresher classes and math workshops. However, if you register for our PE Civil exam study course, attend every refresher class and workshop and still don't pass the PE Civil exam, you can take one of our next PE Civil exam review courses absolutely free.*

*Here's How Our Free Repeat Course Offer Works

In order to be eligible for a free repeat course, you must take the PE Civil exam at any authorized NCEES testing center located in the United States within one year after completion of your PE Civil exam review course. The free review course can only be used once within the next 18 months after originally attending one of our PE Civil exam review course.

This free repeat course offer is transferable to any location where the exam review course is offered at the time of redemption. However, it is not transferable to another person or other NCEES engineering exam review courses offered by School of PE.

In order to redeem this free course offer, you must log on to your School of PE account and provide proof that you took your PE Civil exam and failed it. (A letter from your state's engineering board is sufficient.) This proof needs to be submitted by Feb. 1 in order to enroll in our spring PE Civil exam review course and by Aug. 1 to enroll in our fall PE Civil exam review course.

Please Contact Us If You Have Any Questions About This Offer

We'd be happy to help you fully understand how our free course repeat offer can help you take your PE civil exam with confidence. As a result, please contact us if you have any questions about the rules that govern our free repeat offer for our PE civil exam review courses.