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School of PE offers exam review courses to prepare students for the NCEES PE Electrical engineering exam. School of PE offers review courses for both the PE Electrical power exam and the PE Electrical and Computer Electronics, Controls, and Communications exam.

64-Hour Comprehensive Review Course with PE Exam Practice Sessions

We offer PE Electrical and Computer review courses for the Power exam and the Electronics, Controls, and Communications exam. Each course offers a thorough review of most topics that will be covered on the respective examinations. Each review course is 64 hours long.

Power Exam Review Course - Our 64-hour review course covers the following topics: general power engineering, circuits, rotating machines and electric power devices, and transmission and distribution.

Electronics, Controls, and Communications Exam Review Course - Our 64-hour review course covers the following topics: general electrical engineering knowledge, digital systems, electromagnetics, electronics, control systems, and communications.

Our 64-hour PE Electrical and Computer review course is divided into two parts:

  • Refresher Classes - These classes consist of lectures that will review topics appearing on the PE Electrical and Computer exam. These lectures are designed using NCEES’ exam specifications.
  • Workshop Sessions - Practicing is very important in exam preparation. To help you prepare for the PE Electrical and Computer exam, we provide workshop sessions. These sessions include interactive practice sessions with instructors. Solutions are also provided.

PE Electrical and Computer Exam Prep Course Formats

We offer two learning formats for our PE Electrical Exam review course. Choose which format best fits your learning needs below:

  • Live Online - Our Live Online learning format is great for students who want a traditional learning setting. Attend scheduled courses from anywhere as long as you have internet connection. You will be able to interact with instructors and classmates, but most importantly, prepare to pass the PE Electrical and Computer exam!
  • Ondemand - This format takes our prepare anytime, anywhere initiative to the next level. When you sign up for an Ondemand course, you will be granted immediate access to the material. Simply study whenever you want, wherever you want!

PE Electrical and Computer Exam Prep Testimonials

Our past students have great things to say about our PE Electrical and Computer course. Read some testimonials below:

  • "With the help of School of PE, I passed the PE Electrical and Computer: Electrical and Electronics exam on the first try. The lectures, reference material, and practice problems they provided were vital to my success."

    -- Mrs. Travieso, PE
    Lower Colorado River Authority

  • "I think the electrical engineering - power course that I took in the school of PE helped me easily identify the material pertained to the PE examination. I think the material was well organized. I also think that the staff and the professor were very professional and supportive. They were very knowledgeable of the program and were aware of the student needs. They answered my questions in a timely manner."

    -- Mr. Farshouk, PE
    Oncor Electric Delivery Company LLC

  • "The School of PE was my first choice for a refresher course for the PE Electrical Power exam. Without the course I am sure I would not have done as well as I did on the exam, which was to PASS the exam on the first try! I highly recommend the course and the instructors--well worth the time and cost!"

    -- Mr. Vogt, PE
    Pennsylvania State University

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The two windings of a transformer have an inductance of 2 Henrys each. If mutual inductance between them is also 2 Henrys, then

  • A) Transformer is an ideal transformer
  • B) Turns ratio of the transformer is also two
  • C) It is a perfect transformer
  • D) None of the these

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