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On Demand Civil PE Engineering Exam Courses

The program at School of PE has been offering OnDemand Review Courses for Engineer Exams since 2004. We are currently offering on-line review courses in FE/EIT, PE/FE Civil, Electrical, Environmental, Mechanical, Chemical and the SE Vertical/Lateral exam. Our classes are held weeknights and weekends and if you prefer face to face classes, we also offer live on-site refreshers around the country in addition to OnDemand Classes. See why we have the best engineer exam prep courses in the country. Each refresher will cover ALL of the materials needed to pass the exams.

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On Demand FE/EIT Exam Prep

Our standard FE/EIT engineer Review Course offered onsite and online will be available in our ondemand format soon. Our FE On-Demand video course offers thorough review of majority of the topics from Morning Breadth, and for Afternoon Depth exams in General (Other Disciplines), Civil, Electrical, and Mechanical disciplines. Our 70 hour base review courses cover morning breadth and afternoon general depth exams as well as an Additional 27 hours of Review will be provided for each of afternoon Civil, Electrical, and Mechanical depth exams. Check periodically for the FE On-Demand course to go LIVE very soon.

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Online PE Exam Prep

We continue to offer extensive professional engineer courses for all USA residence as well as Live On-Site classes in many areas across the nation. Our engineering programs cover many disciplines of engineering and continue to expand. For more information or to register now for one of our courses, please select a class tab from our menu above or you can also use the link below.

Online Engineering Courses

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Other Online Engineering Certification Exam Review Courses:

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For the Online California Siesmic and Survey Click here (coming soon)

Why School of PE?

  • Focusing on important/high-probability topics that will appear in the examination,
  • Preparing you to possess essential problem-solving skills needed to pass the exam,
  • Covering topics in a logical, progressive manner, and
  • Making you breeze through the examination after the course.

Why School of PE OnDemand, Online and Onsite Classes

All engineering classes for the professional engineering exams are all live with real instructors, not a recording (except for On-Demand courses). Each class is taught by separate instructors who are specialized in their field. Study and feel confident that our instruction will help you earn your FE and professional engineer certification. Our classes prepare you for PASSING the engineer’s examination test by providing you with the material that will be covered in the test. Prep for the FE Exam, PE Civil, PE Electrical, PE Environmental, PE Mechanical, SE Exam and PE Chemical Exam. Were also providing review courses for the CA Seismic/Survey Exam. All of our OnDemand engineering programs are approx. 60 hours with the FE/EIT review being approx. 70 hours with an additional 27 hours of Review provided for each of Afternoon FE Civil, Electrical, and Mechanical Depth exams.

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Register for all review courses and prepare for the exam in the comfort of On-Demand, On-Line or On-Site classes. No need to leave the house, office or anywhere. With live instructors, we give you the power to pass! However, many of our courses as well are taught onsite in many locations across the country for face to face instruction. For complete details and Registration info, please select the Course of your interest in the Top Menu.