• "The School of PE course is a great tool in preparation for the exam. Half of my reference materials in the exam room were workshop binders from this course, and I was familiar with them front to back by the time we finished the course."

    -- Mr. Bachmayer, PE
    OHM Advisors
    Milford, MI (2019).

  • "The School of PE courses helped give me a structure for studying and they were excellent refreshers for material I hadn't seen or used since college. The instructors were very knowledgeable and answered any questions I had about the material. I definitely would recommend them to anyone preparing to take the PE Exam."

    -- Ms. Oubre, PE
    West Columbia, SC (2019).

  • "School of PE provided many examples that were very similar to those I encountered on the exam. Having mastered the content in my School of PE notes, I left the exam feeling confident."

    -- Ms. Byrne, PE
    Simpson Gumpertz & Heger
    Washington, DC (2019).

  • "The best course you can find bar none. I felt confident, prepared, and School of PE gave me all the tools I would ever need to crush the test. Thank you so much!"

    -- Mr. Mangano, PE
    Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc.
    Raleigh, NC (2019).

  • "School of PE offered study guidance without which I would have been at a loss for what to study. The professors are very knowledgeable and did a great job preparing me for test day. Thank you."

    -- Mr. Nevels, PE
    Dos Santos International, LLC
    Marietta, GA (2019).

  • "The School of PE had all of the learning material I needed to pass the PE at my fingertips. I took the class because I only wanted to take the exam ONCE. I did just that."

    -- Mr. Brubaker, PE
    Cincinnati, OH (2019).

  • "I could not have passed the PE without the School of PE refresher courses. I will recommend the online refresher courses to anyone I know who is considering sitting for their professional engineer's exam. If you're on the bubble about studying solo or dropping some money on online courses, I strongly encourage you to choose School of PE."

    -- Mr. Marshall, PE
    Illinois DOT
    Quincy, IL (2019).

  • "After over 20 years post graduation, I knew I needed help to reacquaint myself with material once studied but long since dormant. Balancing life, work, and this pursuit meant I needed to be really efficient in how I studied and prepared. School of PE provided the perfect framework and approach for me to adequately prepare for and pass the PE on my first try. Thank You School of PE!"

    -- Mr. Martineau iii, PE
    Town of Andover, MA
    Goffstown, NH (2019).

  • "The School of PE most certainly helped me prepare for the PE exam. The instructors were experts in their respective disciplines and the course notes helped to refresh all the topics from undergrad."

    -- Mr. Deherrera, PE
    City of Aurora
    Aurora, CO (2019).

  • "The classes really helped me organize my limited study time and allowed me to identify the content I needed to focus on."

    -- Mr. Freitas, PE
    Apex Design
    Castle rock, CO (2019).

  • "School of PE provided really great study materials to help bolster confidence going into exam day. The in-person sessions on the weekends were super helpful and informative. The on-demand classes for the morning breadth portion were extremely beneficial!"

    -- Mr. Hahn, PE
    Marathon Petroleum Corporation
    Holt, MI (2019).

  • "School of PE is absolutely worth the investment. I studied on my own and failed my first two attempts at the PE exam. I purchased and completed School of PE on demand and felt more prepared than ever for the exam. My first attempt after using School of PE was successful! I put in the hard work, but School of PE gets all the credit for providing the resources needed to pass."

    -- Mr. Wear, PE
    Portland, OR (2019).

  • "If you put in the time and effort that they ask as well as organize your references and resources well, you could pass the PE exam with your eyes closed."

    -- Mr. Putnam, PE
    Moody Engineering, LLC
    Austin, TX (2019).

  • "The School of PE was instrumental in my passing of the PE first time around. The professor's insight into the types of questions that are typically asked helped tremendously the day of the exam. I especially loved the on-demand lectures so I can pause and repeat whatever I didn't catch the first time."

    -- Mrs. Kapushinski, PE
    Wallingford, CT (2019).

  • "Thank you. Seriously, thank you. I could not have done it without School of PE, and I could not be happier to have my PE!"

    -- Mr. Lee, PE
    EDG Inc
    Manhattan, NY (2019).

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