• "I did not plan on pursuing my PE, and therefore spent a few years without working a single engineering problem. I ended up taking a job contingent upon me pursuing licensure, and therefore had to refresh myself. I took the School of PE course for both the FE and PE exams and passed both on the first try! Overall it was well worth the investment and will help build your confidence for the big exam."

    -- Mr. Youmbi, PE
    City of Baltimore
    Bowie, MD (2019).

  • "Can't thank you enough for the incredibly valuable classes and resources you provided. I honestly don't think I would have passed without signing up for this. The instructors were great and the homework and practice problems were very similar to problems I encountered on the PE. Highly recommend this for anyone taking the PE that has been out of undergrad 3-4 years."

    -- Mr. Welch, PE
    Oklahoma City, OK (2019).

  • "School of PE was extremely helpful when preparing for the PE exam. The refresher classes are perfect for those who need to review a fair amount of material in a truncated amount of time. School of PE prepared me 100 PERCENT for the exam and was an enormous aide in helping me receive the passing grade! If you're on the fence decide now, and sign up!!"

    -- Mr. Megeath, PE
    Terracon Consultants, Inc.
    West Jordan, UT (2018).

  • "Fantastic test prep course! The review material and course layout was super helpful to my success on passing the Civil PE exam. I tried taking another course, but unfortunately did not receive the same results. I would recommend this course in a heartbeat based on the way they approach the study material."

    -- Mr. Welch, PE
    Timmons Group
    Richmond, VA (2018).

  • "School of PE was an invaluable asset to my preparation for the PE Exam. The amount of information covered by their program may seem overwhelming at first but you can fully trust that they will guide you in the right direction with your studies"

    -- Mr. Mcparland, PE
    City of Mentor
    Mentor, OH (2018).

  • "As a Civil Engineer with the majority of my experience from overseas, I was more familiar with British standards/codes/procedures. Taking the PE Exam for the first time I must say that the program was an invaluable resource. The interaction with students and the live interaction with professors along with their responsiveness to queries were greatly appreciated."

    -- Mr. Antoine, PE
    Denver, CO (2018).

  • "This was my second time taking the exam. In my first attempt, I only relied on my review and my C.E.R.M.. The notes I received from The School of PE were amazing! As I went through the review sessions I could tell that they would be helpful, and during the exam I was able to utilize them for all disciplines. I felt like they were a huge factor in me improving my score enough to pass!"

    -- Mr. Schreiber, PE
    Emporia, KS (2018).

  • "Being a busy parent and having a full time job, the Ondemand option was an ideal fit for me. It allowed me to be flexible about my study time while sticking to a set study plan. I am positive there is one thing that helped me pass the test the second time (failed the first time without SoPE): in the videos instructors provided "tips" and "quick checks" for solving problems!"

    -- Ms. Hott, PE
    Altoona, PA (2018).

  • "I owe a great deal to this course and it’s professors. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is willing to make the investment in themselves and is serious about advancing their career."

    -- Mr. Walker, PE
    Ninyo & Moore
    Phoenix, AZ (2018).

  • "School of PE is hands down one of the only reasons I passed the test. As military, I don't do any design engineering and this course starts from the basics and works on the topics you see on the test. It's a great resource and their Ondemand classes really worked with my schedule."

    -- Mr. Earle, PE
    Baldwinsville, NY (2018).

  • "This course takes a lot of guess work out of preparation. It is a very efficient and thorough way to prepare. The example problems and workshop/practice problems are very similar to what you will experience on the exam."

    -- Mr. Smith, PE
    Tacoma Power
    Olalla, WA (2018).

  • "The teachers I've run into in this program come off as very passionate and take the guess work out of where to start your studies. They always reinforced the need to delve deeper into the reading and I found it to be great advice."

    -- Mr. Leon-tang, PE
    International Cooling Tower
    Deer Park, TX (2018).

  • "I'm glad I decided to take this review course for the PE Exam. The instructors were very knowledgeable about what all is covered in the exam, what should to be highlighted and how important it is to study outside of the class. The course provided so many practice problems, that I felt adequately prepared. Because I dedicated the time to study and watch all of the videos, I passed on my first try!"

    -- Mr. Corak, PE
    Stonefield Engineering & Design
    Rutherford, NJ (2018).

  • "Thank you School of PE for preparing me for the exam. I took a different review class in the beginning of my career without any success over multiple attempts. After completing the online videos, I was able to apply the material for the classes to practice exams which led to my success in passing the National Test. This was the last portion I needed to receive my California PE license."

    -- Ms. Cabanero, PE
    Tetra Tech
    Irvine, CA (2018).

  • "School of PE helped me immensely to prepare for the exam by providing adequate amount of study notes. I sat for PE Civil-Structural and was really impressed how precisely the School of PE notes were organized, given the fact that Structures has almost 9-10 design codes to reference information from. Not to mention, the instructors for the AM portion of the exam were well-versed with the materials."

    -- Mr. Khandelwal, PE
    Tampa, FL (2018).

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