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PE Civil

School of PE provides the best civil pe review course. The review courses include pe exam sample questions, civil pe civil exam study materials, and include bonus depth sessions. School of pe has high pass rates for the pe civil exam.

96-Hour Comprehensive Review Course with Practice Problem Sessions

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PE Civil Exam Review Course Structure

Our PE Civil exam review course consists of 96 hours of comprehensive lectures and practice sessions and is designed using NCEES’ exam specifications. The course is divided into two parts. The first part includes 48 hours of breadth review, which covers the topics of the breadth portion of exam. The second part includes 48 hours of discipline specific review. Each student chooses one discipline specific review of their choice. The depth options include construction, geotechnical, structural, transportation, and water resources and environmental. Review sessions and PE Civil exam practice problem sessions are included in both sections.

Topics Covered in the Common Breadth Section

This section of the course is taken by all PE Civil students. This section consists of 48 hours.

  • Project Planning
  • Hydraulics and Hydrology
  • Means and Methods
  • Geometrics
  • Soil Mechanics
  • Materials
  • Structural Mechanics
  • Site Development

Depth Course Options

Each student can select one depth course of their choosing. Each depth consists of 48 hours.

  • Construction
  • Transportation
  • Geotechnical
  • Water Resources and Environmental
  • Structural

Course Formats

Our PE Civil exam review course is offered via our Live Online and Ondemand learning formats.

  • Onsite - Our onsite learning format provides a traditional classroom experience with in-person refresher and workshop sessions. If you enjoy a traditional classroom setting and interacting with your instructor and classmates in person, Onsite may be right for you!
  • Live Online - This format offers a structured schedule and mimics a traditional classroom, except everything is online! Our PE Civil course offers weekday afternoon, weekday evenings, and weekend options.
  • Ondemand - Want to start studying right away? This format may be for you! When you register for our Ondemand format, you will receive immediate access to lecture videos and instructor-prepared course materials (includes refresher notes and practice problems/ solutions). Access to these learning materials will be available until the day of the next PE Civil exam.

If you can’t make a decision on which learning format is right for you, we also offer discounted bundling options.

What do our students say about our PE Civil course?

Our past students have great things to say about our PE Civil course:

  • "I did not plan on pursuing my PE, and therefore spent a few years without working a single engineering problem. I ended up taking a job contingent upon me pursuing licensure, and therefore had to refresh myself. I took the School of PE course for both the FE and PE exams and passed both on the first try! Overall it was well worth the investment and will help build your confidence for the big exam."

    -- Mr. Youmbi, PE
    City of Baltimore
    Bowie, MD

  • "Fantastic test prep course! The review material and course layout was super helpful to my success on passing the Civil PE exam. I tried taking another course, but unfortunately did not receive the same results. I would recommend this course in a heartbeat based on the way they approach the study material."

    -- Mr. Welch, PE
    Timmons Group
    Richmond, VA

About the PE Civil Exam

The PE Civil exam is an 8-hour exam. All examinees take a common 4-hour breadth section and then are separated into their chosen depth section for the remainder of the exam. Examinees have the option to choose the construction, geotechnical, structural, transportation, or water resources & environmental depth. When the PE Civil exam is passed, the examinee will then be considered a professional civil engineer.

According to NCEES, the national pass rate for the PE Civil exam from January to December 2019 was 61%. School of PE’s PE Civil students had a much higher pass rate that the national average.

Interested in signing up for our PE Civil exam review course? We’re sure that you won’t be disappointed. Pick your desired learning format, check out our upcoming Live Online and Onsite schedule, and sign up today!

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  • A) Actual budget spent is less than or equal to the earned value
  • B) Actual cost is greater than the earned value
  • C) Budgeted cost of work performed is less than the budgeted cost of work scheduled
  • D) A and C

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