PE Electrical Exam For Electrical Engineer


We offer PE Electrical Review Courses for Power Exam, and Electrical and Electronics Exam. Each review course is 64 hours long. Electrical exam prep courses are held Nights and Weekends.

Power Exam

Our 64 hour review covers topics from General Power Engineering; Circuit Analysis; Rotating Machines and Electromagnetic Devices; and Transmission and Distribution.

Electrical and Electronics Exam

Our 64 hour review covers topics from General Eletrical Engineering Knowledge, Digital Systems, Electric and Magnetic Field Theory and Applications, Electronics, Control System Fundamentals, and Communications.

Electrical Exam Prep

Our 64 hour Electrical Review Courses for each of the 3 exams consist of Refresher Classes and Workshops:

  • Refresher Classes - Prepares students by reviewing topics that are critical for the PE exam. The course will allow students to experience some theory and high probability problems. All topics will be taught in approximately 36 hours.
  • Workshops - This allows our students to practice and solve several problems which are standalone and require numerical solutions. All topics will be taught in approximately 28 hours. The workshops will exclusively consist of solving problems which is very critical for the PE exam.

If you are planning to take PE Electrical Power or Electrical and Electronics examination, increase your confidence by enrolling in a PE Electrical Review Course offered by the School of PE. We will help you to achieve your goal by:

  • Focusing on important/high-probability topics that will appear on the examination
  • Preparing you to possess essential problem-solving skills needed to pass the exam and become a professional engineer
  • Covering topics in a logical, progressive manner
  • Making you breeze through the examination after the course.