General Information About Our PE Engineering License Exam Review Course

PE Engineering License Exam Review Course

Our PE license exam review course for engineers is a two-part class that is designed to help students develop the computational and practical skills needed to pass the PE license exam. We offer these exam prep courses in different cities across the United States near major airports in hotel conference facilities that offer students everything needed for engineers to prepare for a PE license exam comfortably.

Here is more information about our PE license engineering exam review course that can help you understand how our course prepares aspiring engineers to take the PE license exam.

The First Part of Our Course Offers 70 Hours of Structured Review Time

The first part of our PE license exam review course for engineers is a 70-hour review of the crucial topics that will likely be seen on your PE license exam. This part of the course is designed to provide the structure needed to study the most important PE exam topics in a logical manner that can help you make the most out of your exam study time.

The Second Part Of Our Exam Prep Course Offers Workshop Sessions

Our pre-exam workshop sessions provide students an opportunity to learn the necessary computational skills needed to solve the numerical problems that will most likely be seen on the PE exam for engineers. Students develop these skills in structured environments by solving many exam-related word problems that use arithmetic, calculus, trigonometry or differential equations to solve.

Passing the PE License Exam for Engineers Offers Many Benefits

Passing the PE license exam for engineers is worthwhile because it offers an opportunity to earn a highly regarded credential that is essential to working in the United States as an engineer.

Moreover, passing the PE license exam also demonstrates your ability to lead and manage engineering projects efficiently. As a result, earning your PE license after passing your exam can also increase the value of your skills to potential employers who value efficiency and positive leadership skills.

Engineers Have Many Rights and Responsibilities After Obtaining PE Licenses

Engineers who obtain their PE licenses after passing their exams have many important rights and responsibilities. Some of these rights and responsibilities include:

  • The right to prepare engineering plans for submission to any United States-based public authority.
  • The right to serve as an expert witness in legal proceedings.
  • The right to teach engineering subjects at any accredited U.S. college or university.
  • The responsibility to uphold the highest ethical standards while working with clients.

What Are the Pre-exam Prerequisites for Earning a PE Engineering License?

Aspiring engineers who are interested in earning a PE license after taking our exam prep course must complete the following prerequisites:

  • Completion of a 4-year undergraduate engineering degree from an accredited college or university.
  • Completion of at least four years of monitored work experience under the guidance of a PE engineering license holder.
  • Students must also pass the FE/EIT exam before taking the PE exam.

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