Pass the PE Exam - The School of PE Prep Course

Similar to careers such as public accounting, law or healthcare, becoming an engineer requires passing professional examinations to ensure the protection of the greater public. Just over a century ago, anyone could become an engineer without a license or proving his or her capabilities. In 1907, Wyoming realized that this posed a threat to the public, and it enacted the first engineering licensing laws in the nation.

Other states would follow suit, resulting in the Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) Exam and Principles and Practice of Engineering (PE) Exam that aspiring engineers must pass today. Both exams are written and scored by the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying, measuring the capabilities of candidates and protecting the safety of the public.

Investing in a PE Exam Prep Course

The second and final test that aspiring engineers must pass before earning their license is the PE Exam. Composed of 80 multiple-choice questions, this 8-hour timed PE Exam is composed of two 4-hour sessions. Needless to say, it’s a rigorous examination that identifies the competency of future engineers.

Investing in a quality PE Exam Prep Course is advised for those candidates looking to jumpstart their career. Failing to pass the PE Exam means that you cannot become licensed and work as a certified engineer. By reviewing the PE Exam Prep Course through the School of PE, you will be able ensure that you have the confidence and knowledge to excel on test day.

The School of PE Difference

Students that invest in our PE Exam Prep Course consistently boast higher pass rates and scores than the national average. So what differentiates the School of PE from our competitors?

  • Multiple instructors. Because an instructor with years of experience in that discipline teaches each area, you’re receiving the highest quality PE Exam Prep Course possible. All of our instructors have experience and the extensive knowledge of working as a Professional Engineer, which gives you the resources necessary for success.
  • Comprehensive and focused overview. We offer a logical, comprehensive overview of the theories, ideas, and facts you’ll need to know for the PE Exam. Aside from a general overview, we also offer specific focus on the subjects that have a high probability of appearing on the Exam. Our PE Exam Prep Course provides efficiency in the way topics are covered and taught.
  • Practice questions. Aside from comprehensive and logical lessons, students have the opportunity to answer practice questions and practice exams. This allows you to become accustomed to the rigorous timed setting of the PE Exam.

Through the School of PE, you will not only review the theories and ideas most likely to be covered on the Exam, but you will also review the procedures and rules for test day itself. For instance, outside reference materials may be brought into the examination room and used, but only if they are kept bound. Learn more about our PE Exam Prep Course and how you can benefit from this incredible resource. You’ll be glad you jumpstarted your engineering career with the School of PE.