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NCEES Exam Policies

NCEES Exam Restrictions and Exam-Day Schedule & Policies Information.

Takeing the NCEES Exam?

Information on approved calculators, what is allowed on exam day from a materials prospective as well as schedule information and what books if any will be allowed in the exam room.

After you have completed your review course and ready to take the exam, if you have not done so already we suggest to visit Ncees for the official list of Restrictions of what can be taken into the exam room and schedule information for exam-day. What you can take like calculators and other items will be fully covered by Ncees. We have provided an example list of information that could help you on exam day.

Exam-day schedule:

The time for you to report to the exam will be provided to you by your state in your authorization to sit for the exam notice. Visit our State Engineering Boards list for registration details and how to apply to sit for the exam. After the morning exam there is usually a 1-hour break before the afternoon sessions. On exam day, be sure to arrive in time. If you show up late you WILL NOT be allowed into the exam room once the proctor begins reading the exam script.

What can I bring with me on exam day?


This could be one of the most asked questions about the exam. What are approved calculators for the Ncees engineering exams? What you need to know here is that the NCEES only allows certain approved calculator models to help “protect” exam content from being distributed. What if I bring the wrong calculator? Then you will have to take the exam without one! Or worse, asked to leave and be dismissed from the exam site. I doubt this is what anyone wants the day of the test. To help protect you, here is the direct link to the NCEES Approved Calculators list. (As part of our review courses, we provide a calculator review of math calculations and basic calculator usage and functions for the exam). We cant stress enough about being sure you have the right calculator when taking the test

Writing Materials

You do not need to bring your own pencils or paper to the exam. This will be provided to you by NCEES. DO NOT BRING YOUR OWN. Furthermore, your exam booklets can be used to write in if needed. As stressed in the calculator restrictions, there are only certain types of devices you can bring. This also applies to items on person such as keypad type devices or anything that “transmits” a signal like a communication device or cell phone and even advanced types of watches. Keep all this stuff in your car or at home.

Reference materials and Books

OPEN BOOK: PE and SE are open-book exams. The reference materials we provide in the review course may also accompany you as long as you have the materials bound and stay bound through the exam period. If you have loose papers DO NOT STAPLE THEM - bound them using (screw posts, plastic snap binders, ring binders, spiral spring binders and brads). You may have post-it or “sticky” notes and flags, however only if ATTACHED to pages. CLOSED BOOK EXAMS: FE, FS, and PS exams are closed-book. If you are taking the FE Exam, you will receive the “FE Supplied-Reference Handbook” on exam-day. FS examinee’s will be given (survey ref. FORMULAS) and PS (surveying reference MATERIAL).

Exam Agreement

When registering for the exam with NCEES, you will need to agree that you will abide by the policies and procedures as described. For more updated information, we provided a direct link here.

The information provided above is provided by copy from the NCEES website on 2/28/2013. All information and policies are subject to change.
Please visit Ncees for updated information. Good Luck!

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