FE Review Preparation Materials

Are you studying for the Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) exam but don’t know where to begin? You’re not alone. Every year, aspiring engineers register for the FE exam as they embark on their careers. Preparing for the FE exam is more than just reviewing course materials and refreshing yourself on engineering theories. It also includes learning more about test day itself and what you can do to prepare.

At the School of PE, we have years of experience in offering review courses for engineer certification exams. We offer courses in multiple states as well as comprehensive online resources. When students and applicants experience our comprehensive overview of the FE exam, they understand why the School of PE is considered one of the best resources in the country.

What to Expect on Test Day

Knowing how to prepare for test day is critical to ensuring high performance and success. The FE exam is a six-hour timed test that is composed of 110 questions. Students are not allowed to bring resource materials, books, or notes into the testing site. Mechanical pencils will be distributed on test day and the test booklet itself may be used as scratch paper.

As part of our FE review, we not only offer 96 hours of refresher classes and workshops, but we also focus on these procedure details so that you’re prepared for peak performance. Since only approved calculators are allowed in the test, we offer free calculator training, which demonstrates the useful abilities and features of the Casio fx-115ES model. Alongside our FE review, we also include a basic mathematics lecture, which is two hours long and covers the technical aspects of math in engineering.

Want to network with your fellow classmates or stay in touch with professors? Our online discussion forums are a popular offering that allow students to enhance their knowledge, grow their professional network, stay in touch with friends, and reinforce the ideas covered in the FE review.

Personalized Instruction from the School of PE

Whether you enroll in our in-class or online FE review course, you will enjoy the benefits of personalized instruction. Multiple instructors teach our FE review course. Since the exam covers a vast variety of topics, we ensure that only instructors with years of experience in a specific area cover that topic. This ensures that you receive the highest quality FE review possible and are fully prepared for test day.

Whether you have a question or need clarification, you will have the opportunity to interact with instructors first-hand. Students find that this sort of interaction enhances the learning process and engrains the lessons being taught. This personalized instruction is just one way our FE review course has distinguished itself from others on the market.

At the School of PE, we’re passionate about your success as a student and Professional Engineer (PE). By investing in our quality FE review, you’ll be able to refresh yourself on the topics covered in the exam and will learn how to prepare for test day.