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This blog includes a compilation of subject-matter expert-authored articles covering topics within engineering, project management, architecture, and more.

Things to do a week before the PE Exam

Jan 27, 2016

Weeks of preparation and several review classes later, you've finally reached the last week in the run up to the PE exam. So what should you do? Is it wise to loosen up and relax or should you hit the books extremely hard? Many PE aspirants...

How to pass the PE Exam on first try

Jan 21, 2016

How to pass the PE Exam on first try

For many engineers, earning the licensed Professional Engineer tag could spell a major leap in their career. Nearly all the top engineers in their field, most likely hold a PE license. Four years of study and nearly four years of work...

Qualifications that make a Civil Professional Engineer

Jan 11, 2016

Think of these giant structures of the world: The towering Empire State Building, the massive Library of Congress, The Brooklyn Bridge or the Seattle Central Library. All these marvels of architecture have redefined the limits of engineering...

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