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About School of PE

School of PE is a Dublin, Ohio educational services provider that has offered high-quality review classes for Kentucky NCEES engineering license exams since 2004. We currently offer high-quality professional engineering exam review classes for the following NCEES engineering licensure exams:

  • SE Exams involving vertical and lateral forces.
  • FE/EIT Civil, Mechanical, Environmental, Electrical and Other Disciplines (General) Exams.
  • PE Civil, Chemical, Environmental, Electrical and Mechanical Exams.

We also offer our Kentucky SE, FE/EIT and PE engineering exam refresher classes LIVE online and ondemand. These flexible course options offer an easy way to incorporate your studies into your busy schedule. As a result, we make it easy to find the time needed to prepare for the Kentucky professional engineering exams.

Kentucky Engineering Exam Review Course Previews

Here is a brief overview of our Kentucky engineering exam review courses that explains how they can help you prepare for NCEES engineering exams.

Kentucky PE Exam Review Course Information

We offer the following Kentucky PE exam review courses that help engineers who have at least four years of post-graduate professional engineering experience obtain their NCEES PE credentials:

  • Kentucky PE Chemical Exam courses.
  • Kentucky PE Environmental Exam courses.
  • Kentucky PE Mechanical Exam courses.
  • Kentucky PE Electrical Exam courses.
  • Kentucky PE Civil Exam course that covers the latest design topics and new specifications for the new April 2015 exam format.

Our latest PE exam review course offers students a chance to complete a comprehensive review of the most important civil, chemical, electrical, environmental or mechanical engineering topics needed to pass Kentucky PE exams. Moreover, our PE exam review courses also offer math workshops that provide a logical way to obtain the mathematics and numerical literacy skills needed to pass Kentucky PE engineering exams.

FE/EIT Exam Course Information

We offer the following Kentucky FE/EIT exam courses to engineering students:

  • FE/EIT Civil Exam review courses.
  • FE/EIT Electrical Exam review courses.
  • FE/EIT Environmental Exam review courses.
  • FE/EIT Mechanical Exam review courses.
  • FE/EIT Other Disciplines (General) Exam review courses.

Our Kentucky FE/EIT engineering review course offer 72 hours of structured review time that is designed to help you prepare for the new NCEES computer-based FE/EIT exam using the NCEES FE/EIT exam reference book.

Students spend at least 60 percent of their course time attending review sessions that cover the most important general and discipline-specific engineering theories that are frequently encountered on the new NCEES computer-based FE/EIT exam. Students spend the remainder of their course attending math workshops that offer a logical way to develop the mathematical and numerical literacy skills needed to pass Kentucky FE/EIT exams.

Kentucky SE Exam Course Information

We currently offer two separate Kentucky SE exam review courses that prepare students for either the SE Lateral Forces exam or the SE Vertical Forces exam. Students may take any available combination of these courses at one time to suit their study needs.

Each course offers 60 hours of structured review time. Students spend at least 36 hours of this time reviewing the most important structural engineering theories involving lateral or vertical forces that are used while designing bridges and structures in windy areas or in areas of great seismic activity. The remaining 24 hours are used to attend math workshops that offer an efficient way to obtain the mathematical skills needed to pass both Kentucky SE lateral forces exams.

Course Schedule Information

Due to popular demand, we will now offer our all of our Kentucky SE, PE and FE/EIT courses online. This schedule change allows us to offer live online feeds and ondemand course content options that we believe offer the scheduling flexibility needed to prepare successfully for the Kentucky professional engineering exams at your own pace. As a result, we will no longer be offering Kentucky FE/EIT onsite courses as of spring 2015.

However, we will continue to offer some of our Kentucky PE civil engineering exam courses on-site at several convenient Kentucky-area locations. These courses will offer Kentucky-area engineering students who prefer to study for their NCEES exams in a traditional classroom setting access to knowledgeable instructors who can help you use our efficient study methods successfully.

Why Attend Our Kentucky Professional Engineering Review Classes?

You should consider attending School of PE’s Kentucky FE/EIT, PE and SE engineering exam review courses because we offer many benefits that can help you take the guesswork out of preparing for NCEES engineering competency exams. Some of these benefits include:

  • A logical study approach that can help you gain the self-confidence needed to pass Kentucky FE/EIT, PE and SE engineering exams.
  • Access to test-taking techniques that can help you take NCEES computer-based exams successfully.
  • An opportunity to practice solving exam problems on a daily basis that can help you measure your progress.
  • Continually high pass rates that continue to surpass the national average among Kentucky students who take similar NCEES PE, FE/EIT and SE professional engineering exams without our help. (To review our pass rates, please CLICK HERE for a list of our current pass rates.)
  • A free course retake offer that can help you take the stress out of taking your Kentucky engineering exam. (For more information about our free Kentucky engineering exam course retake offer, please CLICK THIS LINK for more details.)

Useful Kentucky Engineering Exam Online Information
This website maintained by the Kentucky State Board of Licensure for Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors offers information about registration and application deadlines for all Kentucky professional engineering exams that can help you plan your studies efficiently.
This useful NCEES website offers a preview of all its SE, FE/EIT and PE exams that can help you choose one of professional engineering exam refresher courses.
This NCEES website provides useful information about exam-day policies that can help you avoid many of the problems that make taking a Kentucky SE, PE or FE/EIT exam a hassle. It also features a quick video that explains how to register for your Kentucky engineering exam that is easy to follow.

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