FE Civil Exam

Information about the FE Civil Exam Review, FE Electrical, and FE Mechanical Exam Preparation Courses



70 hour FE review course covering Morning Breadth and Afternoon General Depth exams. Also, another 27 hours of review for each of the Afternoon Civil, Electrical, and Mechanical Depth exams.

The FE Review Course consists of 5 Review Classes and 5 Workshops:

  • FE Exam Review Classes - Prepare with topics of FE Civil, FE Electrical and FE Mechanical. Subjects are taught in a total of 40 hours and focused on students gaining experience by reviewing theory and solving high probability problems.
  • Workshops - Solve problems and practice with several stand alone problems that require numerical solutions. The workshop is a total of 30 hours. Workshops consist of solving problems important to the FE Exam.

Review course are taught by 5 instructors one for each week. Lectures are given by instructors who are specialized in their fields. We feel instructor experience is important so we provide five instructors for each location. One instructor teaching all subjects is not something we do which is the practice of most other organizations. We provide approximately 27 hours of additional review for those taking depth exams in Civil, Electric, or Mechanical for no additional cost.

If you are planning to take the FE examination, increase your confidence by enrolling in a FE Civil, FE Mechanical or FE Electrical review courses online or onsite. We will help you to achieve your goal by:

  • Focusing on important/high-probability topics that will appear in the examination,
  • Preparing you to possess essential problem-solving skills needed to pass the exam,
  • Covering topics in a logical, progressive manner, and
  • Making you breeze through the examination after the course.

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