• " I appreciate the School of PE for the flexibility it afforded. I had the option of studying on my own time or, in addition, I could do live sessions. The instructors were very knowledgeable and the workshop material was top notch. I could not have passed my PE (first try) without School of PE as a portion of my preparation routine. "

    -- Mr. Andritsis
    Troy, MI (2016).

  • " I used School of PE to prepare for the FE exam which I took in Oct 2015 and for the PE which I took in Apr 2016. I passed both and am now a registered EE in the state of CA. After being out of school for 20+ yrs this was a monumental task. I could have never done it without School of PE. Thanks guys. "

    -- Mr. Marchesseault
    City of Lodi
    Woodbridge, CA (2016).

  • " Being out of college for eleven years, this review was an essential tool for my success on passing this examination. The areas that I did not dominate where risen up to the same level of my strong ones thanks to the instructors of School of PE and the material included in this review. 100% recommended to any candidate pursuing the PE or any review provided by SOPE. "

    -- Mrs. Ocasio
    RSM ROC & Company
    GUAYNABO, PR (2016).

  • " The course was thorough and covered 85% of the subject matter on the exam. The notes provided through the course are thorough and were relied upon throughout. "

    -- Mr. Almos
    Bonneville Power Administration
    Longview, WA (2016).

  • " The review course I received from School of PE helped me a lot to passed the PE exam. The instructors were very professional, knowledgeable , have a good grasp of the course content and went the extra mile to ensure the content was well understood. I will definitely recommend the review course for any one planning on taking the PE exam. "

    -- Mr. Ejiofor
    Corning Incorporated
    Hickory , NC (2016).

  • " I would like to thank School of PE for helping me to pass Electrical and Computer: Power exam in the first attempt. I had completed my engineering in year 2006 and this review course really helped me to focus on subjects that were important for the exam. Thanks again, Somanna Moodera "

    -- Mr. Moodera Appaiah
    Setty & Associates
    Fairfax, VA (2016).

  • " I have been working for years when I decided to take the exam. I took it a few times before I decided to take the class from School of PE and I finally did it! I took the on-demand classes. The classes were well organized. The professors were open to questions, explained the problems very well and made sure they got through the topics that were set for the day. "

    -- Mrs. Lung
    Hawaiian Electric
    Mililani, HI (2016).

  • " I like to appreciate the school of PE efforts gives us very good understanding and also workshop problem that prepare us for the exam . I like to thank instructors that they have a clear answer of every question and also provide an extra material to cover our understanding of any question that not covered in their materials. "

    -- Mr. Bastourous
    DOWNEY, CA (2016).

  • " First time taker, first time passer! School of PE prepared me for my FE, so it's no surprise they did the exact same thing for my PE. Great refresher courses with excellent reference material. "

    -- Mr. Jones
    Marathon Petroleum Corporation
    League City, TX (2016).

  • " I was extremely busy at the beginning of this year and only had a month to set aside for PE preparation. School of PE increased my knowledge drastically in that period and I was able to pass the test and felt very prepared! "

    -- Mr. Salisbury
    Portland, OR (2016).

  • " Enjoyed the weekend classes as much as you can enjoy something as stressful as this. Notes were adequate for the exam, and the teachers answered questions when asked. That's all you can ask for with something like this. Camara book I didn't not find useful at all, that is my only dislike, I wouldn't recommend that for this course or the exam. "

    -- Mr. Williams
    Alabama Power Company
    Maylene, AL (2016).

  • " Why study twice? Do it right the first time utilizing the focused, thorough and informative notes, and the instructors at the School of PE. "

    -- Mr. Riso
    Con Edison
    Jersey City, NJ (2016).

  • " Excellent review course, everything was well put together. I have been out of school for 20 years and finally got around to taking the exam, so I could not have passed the PE exam without it. The instructor was well prepared and went the extra mile to help prepare us for the exam and all that it entails. I would and highly recommend it to others preparing for the exam. "

    -- Mr. Butler
    CHA Consulting Inc
    Fishers, IN (2016).

  • " I never thought I would pass the PE exam. The School of PE was recommended by a colleague and it turned out to be the best PE exam advice I received. "

    -- Mr. Hinderliter
    Duke Energy
    GREENSBORO, NC (2016).

  • " School of PE was invaluable in passing the exam. As a construction and engineering graduate trying to prep for the electrical PE, I could not have passed the test without their guidance. School of PE narrowed a huge pool of information and gave the focused topics needed to prep and pass the exam with only a couple of months of part time prep. "

    -- Mr. Vandenende
    Apogee Consulting Group
    Fort Collins, CO (2016).

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