Our review courses are taught by instructors from academia and industry who have their PE licenses; we believe you get the best of both worlds.

Our instructors have previously taught Onsite review courses in several states. They have over 40 years of combined experience teaching engineering exam review courses.

Mr. George, P.E, PMP, LEED AP, MCP

Mr. George Mr. George has a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Science and Technology - major Electrical Technology; a Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering – Power Specialty; and a Master’s Degree in Management. He has over 35 years of experience that includes: Maintenance, Engineering  and Project Management in the following industries: Power Utilities, Steel Making, Telecommunication, and Railway Transportation. Mr. George is a Licensed Professional Engineer in the State of Maryland and the Commonwealth of Virginia and is currently a Senior Substation Engineer supporting the Maintenance and Operations departments for Exelon.

Mr. Hume, PE

Mr. Hume Mr. Hume has a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering. He has seven years of experience in the construction, telecommunications, and IT industries. He is a licensed professional engineer in multiple states and a Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA). He is a member of the IEEE Communications Society. At School of PE, Mr. Hume has proven experience in teaching Signal Processing, Communications, Digital Systems and Elect Magnetic Field Theory. 

Mr. Marchesseault, PE

Mr. Marchesseault Mr. Marchesseault is originally from Montana where he obtained his BS EE degree from Montana State University (MSU) in 1988.  Upon graduating from MSU, he spent six years as an officer in the US Navy operating nuclear power plants on aircraft carriers.  Following his Navy career, Mr. Marchesseault worked in Silicon Valley for 13 years in the high tech industry developing semi-conductor capital equipment.  After getting married and starting a family, he wanted to move into the country, and he shifted careers to the electric utility industry.  After working nearly three years in the wind industry managing wind parks in the central valley of California, he moved to a municipal utility in Lodi, California where he manages the Engineering and Operations Department for Lodi Electric Utility.  While at Lodi Electric Utility, Mr. Marchesseault obtained his Professional Engineer’s license in Electrical and Computer: Power.

Dr. Ofoli, PhD., P.E.

Dr. Ofoli Dr. Ofoli has a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering and Master’s and Ph.D. Degrees in Electrical Engineering. He is also an active member and officer of IEEE-Industrial Application Society (IAS) and has served in IEEE/IAS-IACC for over eight years. Dr. Ofoli is a registered professional engineer in Tennessee and has been practicing engineering for over nine years which includes five years of teaching experience. Dr. Ofoli has proven teaching experience in Electronics, Control Systems, Circuit Analysis, Measurement, Instrumentation, Safety and Design at School of PE. 

Mr. Raheem, P.E.

Mr. Raheem Mr. Raheem received his Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Systems Engineering at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock.  Mr. Raheem is professional engineer licensed in the State of Arkansas. He has 5 years of proven experience as an Electrical Engineer as well as in teaching. He is currently an Electrical Engineer that studies transmission system impacts caused by new generation.

Mr. Siegl, P.E.

Mr. Siegl

Nicholas G. Siegl, P.E., is a project manager with Gannett Fleming, Inc.  He resides in the Harrisburg, PA area and is a licensed Professional Engineer (PE) in Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Texas.  He has over 34 years of transportation design experience.
His training experience includes the development and delivery of training courses for the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT), Penn State University, and the School of PE.  He has taught review courses for the Civil PE exam since 1999, and has served as instructor for the School of PE since 2005. His area of expertise is highway design and construction engineering.   He serves as a subject matter expert for the development of PennDOT’s Intermediate Highway Design Skills Course, and, the Right-of-Way for Project Managers Course.  Mr. Siegl has also served as lead instructor for the Basic Highway Design Skills Course, which introduces entry-level engineers to the PennDOT’s Highway Design Manual and the AASHTO Green Book.  He has also serves as co-instructor of the PennDOT’s Design Exceptions Course.

Mr. Stankiewicz, P.E.

Mr. Stankiewicz Mr. Stankiewicz has two undergraduate degrees and a Master’s degree in management with over 35 years’ experience in the construction industry. Specializing in general building construction, he has played an active executive role in the construction of nearly a billion dollars of projects within the public and private sectors. His broad background in projects engaged with the Federal, State, and Local governments, Universities, and major corporate clients have strengthened his skills as a leader. As an adjunct instructor for the Graduate School of Engineering at a major East Coast Technology Institute, he taught courses in Construction Management, Systems in Building Design (Civil-M/E/P/F), and Project Scheduling. He has over seven years teaching experience. At School of PE, Mr. Stankiewicz has proven teaching experience in Surveying, Construction, Materials, Engineering Economics, and Project Management. 

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