Our review courses are taught by instructors from academia and industry; we believe you get the best of both worlds. Information about our instructors is provided below.

Mr. Criswell, PE

Mr. Criswell Mr. Criswell has a Bachelor's Degree in Chemical Engineering from Louisiana Tech University. He has over 6 years of engineering practice in the Oil and Gas Industry. He is a Professional Engineer licensed in Louisiana. He also has 2 years of teaching experience in chemical engineering. At School of PE, Mr. Criswell has experience teaching Fluid Mechanics.

Mr. Eshkalak, Instructor

Mr. Eshkalak Mohammad O. Eshkalak holds a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering, a Master’s Degree in Chemical Engineering and a Master’s Degree in Petroleum Engineering from West Virginia University and now graduating with a Ph.D. in Petroleum Engineering from The University of Texas at Austin. Eshkalak has worked at an energy company for over 3 years prior to relocating to USA. During the past 7 years in the US, Eshkalak has completed many projects at National levels including some funded projects by the US Department of Energy (DOE). He has published several journal papers and has presented at Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) and Society of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) conferences. Eshkalak is an Associate Editor for Elsevier’s Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering (JNGSE) since 2014. Eshkalak has proven experience in teaching Reservoir Engineering/Simulation, Drilling Engineering and Production topics for Oil and Gas Industry and Process Control, Fluid Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Heat/Mass Transfer, Unit Operations, General Engineering Design  and Reactor Design for the Chemical/Petrochemical Industry.

Mr. Flynn, P.E., C.I.H.

Mr. Flynn Mr. Flynn graduated from Washington University in St. Louis with a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering, and he received his Masters of Business Administration in Finance and Accounting from the University of Houston. Mr. Flynn has been practicing engineering for over 33 years. He is currently a Forensic Investigator and Professional Engineer licensed in 22 states. In his home state of Texas, Mr. Flynn is listed in the Civil, Electrical, and Mechanical disciplines. Mr. Flynn is also a Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH) by the American Board of Industrial Hygiene (ABIH), and a Certified Fire and Explosion Investigator (CFEI) by the National Association of Fire Investigators (NAFI). Mr. Flynn has been teaching coursework for the School of PE since 2008. At School of PE, Mr. Flynn has proven experience teaching Thermodynamics, Power, Heat Transfer and Exchanger, Material Science and Economics.

Dr. Kommalapati, Ph. D., P.E., BCEE

Dr. Kommalapati Dr. Kommalapati has Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering, Masters and Doctoral Degrees in Environmental Engineering. He has more than 18 years of teaching and research experience at a public university. Dr. Kommalapati has proven teaching experience in Fluid Mechanics, Environmental-Water and Wastewater, Chemistry, and Ethics at School of PE. 

Mr. Lambert, P.E.

Mr. Lambert Mr. Lambert has a Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s Degree in Civil - Structural Engineering from Columbia University. He is also a member of Pi Mu Epsilon, the National Mathematics Honor Society. He has been practicing engineering for nine years which includes five years of teaching experience. Mr. Lambert has proven teaching experience in General Mathematics, Advanced Topics in Mathematics, and Probability & Statistics at School of PE.

Mr. Lewyta, P.E., BCEE

Mr. Lewyta Mr. Lewyta has a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering. He has been practicing engineering for close to 40 years and is Board Certified by the Academy Society of Environmental Engineers and Scientists in both Water Supply and Wastewater. He is a certified Wastewater trainer by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, a certified trainer in Energy Conservation and Sustainability by the New York State Energy Development Authority, and teaches P.E. Continuing Education courses certified by the New York State Department of Education. At School of PE, Mr. Lewyta has proven teaching experience in Environmental-Water and Wastewater, Air Quality and Solid Waste, Safety, Health, Environment, Thermodynamics, Heat Transfer and Exchanger.

Ms. Lopez, Instructor

Ms. Lopez

Ms. Lopez is a microbiologist for the Department of Health's Scientific Lab Division in New Mexico. Ms. Lopez  has received degrees in biology and chemistry from UNM and has spent the last 6 years as a forensic toxicologist predominantly testifying in court as an expert witness on DWI/DUID cases.   She has worked extensively in the field of microbiology and QA from pharmaceuticals to food manufacturers. Currently Ms. Lopez do  works in the Environmental Section of the Biology Bureau to ensure water/milk compliance with the EPA/ FDA as well as investigating potential food borne illnesses. She enjoys the gamut of outdoor life: hiking, camping, rock climbing; has a specific interest in ethnobotany and of course loves teaching!

Dr. Ofoli, PhD., P.E.

Dr. Ofoli Dr. Ofoli has a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering and Master’s and Ph.D. Degrees in Electrical Engineering. He is also an active member and officer of IEEE-Industrial Application Society (IAS) and has served in IEEE/IAS-IACC for over eight years. Dr. Ofoli is a registered professional engineer in Tennessee and has been practicing engineering for over nine years which includes five years of teaching experience. Dr. Ofoli has proven teaching experience in Electronics, Control Systems, Circuit Analysis, Measurement, Instrumentation, Safety and Design at School of PE. 

Dr. Petracca, Ph.D.

Dr. Petracca Dr. Petracca has a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering, a Master’s Degree in Telecommunication Engineering, and a Ph.D. in Computer Engineering. He has been teaching undergraduate and graduate courses for nine years. At School of PE, Dr. Petracca has proven teaching experience in Mathematics, and Probability and Statistics.

Dr. Proctor, Ph.D., P.E.

Dr. Proctor Dr. Proctor is a graduate of Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana with B.S., M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Mechanical Engineering. In his 19 year tenure as professor at the University of Florida, Dr. Proctor taught thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, gas dynamics, heat and mass transfer, combustion, instrumentation, finite element methods, vibrations, mechanical design, biometrics, codes and standards, analytical methods, and machine analysis and design. At UF, Dr. Proctor performed research in laser ignition, holography, flame structure and emission analysis, and biomechanics. Dr. Proctor served the State of Florida as Member of the Board of Directors for the Florida Engineers Management Corporation. Dr. Proctor is Past-Vice President of Professional Practice for ASME, and he currently serves as Commissioner to ABET representing SAE and has been involved in the review of over 30 programs. Dr. Proctor was an ex-officio member of the NCEES Committee on Examinations for Professional Engineers, and member of the NCEES Task force on Engineering Licensure Qualifications. Dr. Proctor is currently a forensic engineering consultant with 30 years of testifying experience. Dr. Proctor’s has proven teaching experience in Hydraulics and Fluids, and Mechanical Systems and Materials at School of PE.

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