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School of PE has been in the field of educational services since 2004. We have been offering review courses for the following engineering exams:

  • FE Review Courses for Civil, Electrical, Environmental, Mechanical, and Other (General) disciplines
  • PE Review Courses for Chemical, Civil, Electrical, Environmental, and Mechanical disciplines
  • SE Review Courses for Vertical and Lateral Forces disciplines
  • California Special Courses for CA Seismic and Surveying disciplines

We have had over 950,000 hours of successful student participation through our courses. We are one of the fastest growing educational institutes in the US. Due to the quality and success of our courses, demand for our courses has been in a continuous rise. As we continue to grow, we keep adding more instructors to our current pool.

We compensate our instructors above the industry standard. Most of our instructors have been teaching for us for more than 5 years and some have been teaching for us for more than 10 years.

All of our courses are offered via a live online option. For PE Civil, we also offer an onsite option. Our live online platform is an easy to use tool and most of our instructors are ready to use the platform within a couple of hours of training. You can do the live online classes from your location as long as you have regular broadband internet.

If you are interested in teaching any of our courses listed above for School of PE, please complete the following form and submit. After we receive your information, one of our representatives will contact you.

Thanks in advance for your interest in teaching for School of PE!

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